1.)    We’re honest

We’re a small (but busy) team and we simply can’t  invite every applicant to register at our offices. What we can do though is be open and honest in communicating with you so you know the facts. We won’t keep you waiting around for answers. We will ensure you are kept up to speed with the progress of your application if you are selected to be put forward for a vacancy (whether it’s good news or bad).

2.)    We’re accessible

Our Consultants don’t dodge calls, ‘forget’ to ring you back or simply vanish every 6 months. In fact, we’re happy for you to keep in touch (and we don’t take offence if you’re calling from work and you hang up when your boss walks in).

3.)    We’re straight talkers (and fair)

When shortlisting for a vacancy, we don’t just send forward the first applications we receive or the most recent additions to our database. We select the candidates with the closest matching skills and experience. You can rest-assured that all applications are assessed fairly and equally. If we think the job is not right for you, then we will say so (we’ll also tell you if we think it is).

4.)    We’re bothered

Our reputation means a lot to us and we work hard to maintain it. We want every candidate who comes across our agency to have a positive experience of the services we provide, regardless of whether we place you in a job, so that you’ll recommend your friends and come back to us for future career moves.

Cardiff: 02920 668 651          Blackwood: 01495 228 684          Caerphilly: 02920 807 800          Bristol: 0117 407 0177